Tuesday, August 25, 2009

5 dollar Kohls gift card

The other day I was in Kohls shopping, they have quite a few racks of summer clothes 60-80 percent off right now. When checking out I noticed there was a advertisement for a free 5 dollar Kohls gift card just for giving them your email address. The cashier didn't mention it so you may want to ask about it. I got my gift card via email yesterday and plan on check out those 60-80 percent off racks again sometime in the near future:)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Get your free calendar and 20 dollars worth of coupons from Nestle by going to this website: http://instoresnow.walmart.com/enhancedrendercontent_ektid75438.aspx

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Save Money On Your Energy Bill

Tennesse Valley Authority is giving away a free energy saving kit when you take the time to fill out a few questions. It takes about 2 minutes to do, and you get two free light bulbs and much more! http://www.energyright.com/audit_kit.htm

Free Juciy Juice Refillable Water Bottle

Get your free bottle here: http://www.juicyjuice.com/Special-Offers/Default.aspx

Walmart Freebies

I discovered these a while back- I have gotten things such as dog food, diapers, travel sized toothpaste, a normal sized roll of toilet paper, and much more. Although some of the samples are not the greatest its free, and most of the time there is a coupon in the free sample that makes it worth the minute it takes to fill out the information requested. It doesn't require any personal information besides your email and address to send your samples to. Check it out. http://walmart.triaddigital.com/In-Stores-Now-free-samples.aspx

Per Mom's Request...

Hello blogging world! I have started this Blog at my mom's request.:) My mom started me out young. I love to shop, but one thing she taught me about shopping is to never pay full price! Although I love to shop, I also love to save money! I get a thrill out of seeing just how cheap I can get products!

I love shopping at Publix, but I always thought they were a little bit more expensive as far as groceries were concerned. One day I was watching the news when they did a special on two local moms in the Huntsville area that are thrifty when it comes to entertainment, groceries, and more... http://www.twothriftysisters.com/. After watching the special I decided it was time to start saving money! I am in no way a pro at this, but here are some of my tips:)
-cut your coupons
-preview the weekly circulars and plan your dinners by whats on sale that week
-make your grocery list
-don't always buy your groceries at grocery stores- sometimes stores like cvs and walgreens have better deals.

As far as Publix is concerned, I always do my shopping on Sundays and Mondays. On these days Publix has a specific store brand item for a penny- the mystery item. This week it is Publixs fozen pizza (orginally $4.69). You have to spend 10 dollars in order to get this product for a penny, and you are limited to one penny item per visit. There is a coupon for the mystery item in the newspaper, and also in the weekly flyers at the enterance of Publixs. If you forget to clip your coupon, no worries- just mention it to your cashier and they'll discount the item for you!

Publix will also accept competitors coupons, and they will even combine the coupon with a manufactors coupons. If the coupons is .50 or less Publix will double your coupon. Combine these with the Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals and you've really got yourself a good deal! (Note: if you buy just one of the B1G1 items you get it half price)

I've started making a weekly trip CVS as well. They have a program called "EXTRA BUCKS" It's connected to your keychain tag that you get for their store- (kinda like a kroger card.) It's free to join this program. Every week Sunday through Wednesday that have items that carry "extra bucks" For example this week Bic Soilel Razors are 6.99 but you get 3.00 back on your card for next time you visit the store. It's you got a 3.00 gift card for your next purchase. Initially you will pay full price, but you get money back to spend on another item on your next visit. Check the newspaper for a 3.00 off coupon as well- it's like getting the a razor, or its refillable cartages for .99 cents!

Kyle and I always pick up the paper on Sundays- not for the purpose of reading, but for the coupons! This weeks paper is well worth the 1.50 spent! There is a coupon for a free candle- that alone pays for your paper!:)

I just got done clipping my coupons for this week. Here are some of the good deals you can score by either clipping these coupons from your newspaper, or by the links online beside the item listed below.

- Free medium fries and medium drink with the purchase of any Angus Third Pounder.

- Staples Spiral notebook - no coupon needed .01
- Bic stationary products - sale $1.00 coupon in Sundays paper- $1.00 off any 2 Bic Stationary producits

- Bic Soleil Refillable Razor, or refill cartrages 6.99 -3.00 Extra Bucks =3.99 subtract coupon from Sunday's Paper -3.00 = it's like paying .99 cents!
- When you get your reciept make sure you check the bottom to see what coupon you got intitling you to a specific item for Free!

- General Mills Chex Mix (in store special 3/$5.00 or 1.67 each) print your coupon at http://www.couponbug.com/ for 50 cents off one bag, Publix will double your coupon- making it .67 cents for a bag of chex mix
- 2 oz. soy based candle from The Fragrance Collection by Glade - free with coupon in Sunday's paper.
- Publix Cheese, Pepporoni, or Supreme Pizza (4.69) mystery item- you must spend 10 dollars worth of groceries to get this for .01
- Betty Crocker Cake Mix and Frosting print coupon at http://www.couponbug.com/ for .50 cents off both- double it and you get a 1.00 off. Combine it with the coupon for .50 cents off Betty Crocker frosting from Sundays paper, double it for 1.00 off, combine the two and you get a total of 2.00 off! which means you would pay roughly 1.00 for the cake mix and icing. (I am not sure of the orgianl price of cake mix)
- Velveeta Shells and Cheese- coupon from sunday's paper B1G1!!
- If your orginal total is 25 dollars or more- use the competitors coupon from Rite-Aid for 5 dollars off a 25 dollar purchase.

For this weeks B1G1 products check out Publix's website: http://www.publix.com/

This is just the start of what I plan to update from time to time. I know this weeks list is not the longest but I wanted everyone to start on the same page so I haven't noted any of the sales from coupons I have in my coupon folder! But keep all the coupons you cut so you can combine them later with the B1G1 sales. If you find any good deals this week leave me a comment I'd love to hear about your good finds!:)